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SectionAnalyzer [ ]
SectionAnalyzer download
Author Andreas
Author email andreas.at.fornamagic.dk
Author website www.fornamagic.com
Description SectionAnalyzer ver. 6.2.0 is an everyday tool for structural engineers that need quick, easy and safe access for standard/generic cross sections and results regarding calculation of section properties, stress analysis, COG, drawing and documentation of structural cross sections in beams and columns.

Software from Fornamagic are used today in more than 150 companies in the building-,offshore-, metal industry and by consulting engineers.

All web-enabled software from Fornamagic have been through an independent quality check that live up to ISO 9001 standards.

Some screendump samples of the user interface follows here :

Fig 1: Standard Z-profile

Fig 2: Section force dialog

New release with major fixed bugs in performance, stability,printing and dxf conversion including stress analysis , merge routines and conclusion schemas of results.

Before you can startup SectionAnalyzer first time, you will be asked for userid and password. You can subscribe for free at the following link and receive userid and password Subscribe here.
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User Manual

Free link to an excelent 3D vrml-viewer
that can visualize Your results
and output from our software in
an excelent way :

Install Cortona VRML Client!

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